When I began taking pictures little over 5 years ago I was all about just taking pictures of family and friends. I slowly fell into wedding photography as friends told friends about me and it has now become the biggest part of my business. A few years ago I never thought I could have this much fun shooting weddings.

I often assist with my clients planning their wedding day photography by giving them some “best practice” ideas based on my experience. When I shoot an event, I capture each moment with my artistic vision.

My photography Images are creative, clean and crisp. They’re romantic, fun, and emotional. I have developed a unique style of wedding photography that is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism while influenced by artistic and lifestyle photography. I pride myself on not just being a photographer, but rather an artist creating unique and expressive imagery.

In the end, my philosophy on client service is to create a beautiful friendship with each and every one of my clients that go far beyond the day of their wedding. I pride myself on always being available to my clients/friends.

So if you have any questions or would like to reach me, please visit my Contact page or email me.